Wednesday, September 1, 2010

E n c o u n t e r

Encounter - a casual or unexpected convergence.
I hate encounter, I don't like being on the hot seat either. This is the challenge I have to face.It's not that I don't want being corrected, it's just that I don't want to hear some stuffs.

Just recently, I had an unforgettable encounter. I am not certain whether or not it was the right time, all I have in mind is the need to face reality(it's like now or never). I didn't regret the encounter. It taught me to understand deeper, stand and fight for what I believe in, appreciate and recognize my worth as a friend, and to be fair.

I hope the next encounter would be much better than the first one - unbiased and just.

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  1. I thought an encounter with ashley bell or emily rose.,. Oh my gooodnesss!

    At most you now knew that there are people who don't need to meet face to face in this world..

    The most important thing is that the purpose of the encounter has been met..

    'twas fun after all, funny reactions of distinct individuals..


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