Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moment with Friends

kat, kabz, cuz, mae, fair
August 28, 2010 - CDO Fiesta.
A day before, kabz told me they were going to CDO to take advantage of the Fiesta Sale. Aside from that, they wanna meet him(as in him). Hush!
Anyways, most of the pics were taken in Silver Creek(Hanna's place here in CDO) on our way home.
It was on Mae's birthday, August 30! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get pics when we were in Hanna's house(sa kaon-kaon na time, sunod na lang).
Happy Burpdae Mae.. ,^^

Some pics I got..with my college friends present during that time - Maribel is in Manila and Mona is in Iligan.
F8 ( Fair, Hanna, Ivy, Kat, Mae)

Silver Creek Entrance

with myra

conscious...super!sa nails. haha

fair adik. samut c kat ,^^

c kat
i so love this pic ♥

August 28 - LKKS

with kat sa KFC

August 30 - Silver Creek

cuz (Hanna)

kabz ( Ivy)
with mae and fair

August 29 - Boarding House
sa boarding house

On our way home. Super "pasikat" sa nails... cuuute.. ♥♥♥

with kabz and cuz

Ivy, Hanna, Mae, Fair, Kat

I hope to see y'all soon! Wheeeeeh!
Got the best bunch of friends... ♥


  1. so these are the newest gals in town... wow what a cute girls.. can i have one? keep up girls - keep the closeness tight!

  2. thanks kira...
    aw apil ko jah?ahaha

  3. yeeh your the cutest among them all... yah right

  4. who's the cutest among them all?

  5. ehem!kLAro ana..
    gi answer na ni kira.. ;)


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