Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Different Kind of Love

"Have you ever been in a deep relationship? A relationship that you know you can keep for the rest of your life? I did!"

All my life I detach myself from any kind of relationship (friendship or even romantic relationship). Yes, I have bunch of friends and boyfriends in the past but I never gave the whole thing. It might be I’m afraid of losing someone in the future and be left behind ow what. Idunno! I know myself very well, I know how much I care and how much I treasure - I know I’m just being coward not until I met my bestfriend.

It was 2nd of December 2005 when we had our first date. We’ve been texting for quite a while, summer of 2005. I can still remember when an unknown number dropped a call. I was having a siesta then. Not a second I returned a drop call, from then on we never stopped texting. I was amused by the manner she replied, I felt like she has known me for a long time.  I was intrigued by the thought that caused me to desperately chase her. For deep inside my anatomy I know she knows me, she’s just mocking at me. I even promised not to respond to her anymore if she’ll disclose her identity. Days, weeks and months have passed I still don’t know who she was until destiny gave me the opportunity to find her. Bingo! A common friend was an instrument and paved the way to her. I was very excited then and went to class late just to find and see her. Nerve-wracking it was, truly an answered prayer. Yes, I did pray to find her and get her. LOL

The moment I saw her I was awestruck. I never want to leave her and just wait until her class is through. Never a day goes by I wasn’t thinking of her. Haha. Truly when you like a person you’ll do anything just to be with that person. I had my share, too. I asked her to purchase a Palakasan (MSU-IIT Intramurals) ticket. I borrowed an English book. I asked her to go out and spend overnight in my classmate’s pad. The intention of all the stupid things I’ve done is merely to spend time with her. I remember when I always went home very late at night strolling the A. Bonifacio avenue talking nonsense. Haha

Who says we haven’t fight and argued yet? Whew! We do fight terribly. We argue so bad. But we apologized humbly and sincerely. I miss the petty quarrel. LOL. I miss persuading her when she’s mad and I miss her smiles then after we fight. Her cute little face and her expressive eyes melt my heart so badly that I wanted to hug and just kiss her. *am I tomboy?* hahahaha

I love her so much! I don’t mind if everybody’s celebrating their own ecstasy as long as I am with her, I could not ask for more. Yes, there were times I get jealous whoever she was with, whoever she talked to, whoever she cared for and whoever she texted - so paranoid of me. Haha.  I act as if she was my property she was made for me and meant to be mine forever. I was used to treating her that way. People might say we had a romantic relationship because of the closeness we had and because not everyone dares to wait long hours of class, long hours of starving because we can’t eat when one isn’t there yet, not everyone deprives thyself from not seeing a movie when one hasn’t seen it yet and not everyone gives up everything when it comes to blow. We take good care of ourselves like sisters or more than that. We know when someone’s hurt, needs help and needs silence for a little while. Needless to ask help, hug, kiss, cheers and just stay in each other’s side for it is the heart and being that dictates so.

We really are inseparable.

If and only if it is virtuous to marry her, I will. I could have long time ago.
I think I am deeply in love with her. I love you bestfriend Sis, my little angel. ♥