Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Miss You

We used to be strangers- we used to be text mates.

We don't even know our real names. You were once a shadow to me, you speak as if you have known me for a long time, you act as if you really know what to do, you trust as i deserve it and you gave everything as if Imma give it back to you.

With that, I wanna thank you for everything.
Thank you for all those times you spent with me along the busy streets talking nonsense till we drop, eating isaw and shake in Children's Park, "tambay sa CSM, CASS ug maski aha nga pwede ka magStudy while ako ke wala lang...study2 pud kuno", and all those countless sleepover.

We've been through a lot of friendship tests. We surpassed all those tests and proved we were destined to meet because we were meant to become bestfriends for life!
I miss you. I want the old you, the one who fully understands me who doesn't need any explanation. Haay

I remember us when we watched Inter-School Cheerdance Competition, after we went out the gym it was raining cats and dogs.
my fave color and yours ,^^

You are everything to me Sis...I hope u know that. Nothing compares to your love and loyalty.
You were never plastic, you never judged me despite everything you've discovered and seen, you were always true even you know it might hurt, you were never biased. For me, you are really the best!!!


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