Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Bestfriend_Sis

It was summer of 2005. It was when I got a missed call from an unknown number which enthralled me. It wasn’t an ordinary event, I know. I felt the urge to discover that mysterious caller(haha) because I know it won’t be the casual hi and hello acquaintances. I did everything just to know who that person is. I felt this person really knows me- wholly. God is good! He moves in mysterious ways- He knew we needed each other. A lot of trials had come and yet got the same answer- not to let go but to hold on for we were destined to meet. He knows we will help each other grow and live according to His plans.

I had never met such a friend- who offers unconditional love, extraordinary care, overwhelming happiness and never ending chances. I soo love you bestfriend_Sis..

Ororama McDo

SM Laag


CPA Oathtaking

 I love you Sis... :p Ayaw paghawa...


  1. "Im so proud to both of you"..Myra and Flor..STAY TOGETHER huh..BEST BESTFRIENDS I'VE ever met...

  2. ayay ka! seiz..ahehe. salamat igat.. :D

  3. It's hard to find a Real Friend :) happy for you flor

  4. Yep in. wheeew! mao gani pg naa na iTreasure jud ah.. ikaw Cha...c jingky na? :D

  5. dili kylangan tanan iistorya... just to let that person know/bliv..

    axns spek loudr thn words gals.. ^^,v


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