Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Different Kind of Love

"Have you ever been in a deep relationship? A relationship that you know you can keep for the rest of your life? I did!"

All my life I detach myself from any kind of relationship (friendship or even romantic relationship). Yes, I have bunch of friends and boyfriends in the past but I never gave the whole thing. It might be I’m afraid of losing someone in the future and be left behind ow what. Idunno! I know myself very well, I know how much I care and how much I treasure - I know I’m just being coward not until I met my bestfriend.

It was 2nd of December 2005 when we had our first date. We’ve been texting for quite a while, summer of 2005. I can still remember when an unknown number dropped a call. I was having a siesta then. Not a second I returned a drop call, from then on we never stopped texting. I was amused by the manner she replied, I felt like she has known me for a long time.  I was intrigued by the thought that caused me to desperately chase her. For deep inside my anatomy I know she knows me, she’s just mocking at me. I even promised not to respond to her anymore if she’ll disclose her identity. Days, weeks and months have passed I still don’t know who she was until destiny gave me the opportunity to find her. Bingo! A common friend was an instrument and paved the way to her. I was very excited then and went to class late just to find and see her. Nerve-wracking it was, truly an answered prayer. Yes, I did pray to find her and get her. LOL

The moment I saw her I was awestruck. I never want to leave her and just wait until her class is through. Never a day goes by I wasn’t thinking of her. Haha. Truly when you like a person you’ll do anything just to be with that person. I had my share, too. I asked her to purchase a Palakasan (MSU-IIT Intramurals) ticket. I borrowed an English book. I asked her to go out and spend overnight in my classmate’s pad. The intention of all the stupid things I’ve done is merely to spend time with her. I remember when I always went home very late at night strolling the A. Bonifacio avenue talking nonsense. Haha

Who says we haven’t fight and argued yet? Whew! We do fight terribly. We argue so bad. But we apologized humbly and sincerely. I miss the petty quarrel. LOL. I miss persuading her when she’s mad and I miss her smiles then after we fight. Her cute little face and her expressive eyes melt my heart so badly that I wanted to hug and just kiss her. *am I tomboy?* hahahaha

I love her so much! I don’t mind if everybody’s celebrating their own ecstasy as long as I am with her, I could not ask for more. Yes, there were times I get jealous whoever she was with, whoever she talked to, whoever she cared for and whoever she texted - so paranoid of me. Haha.  I act as if she was my property she was made for me and meant to be mine forever. I was used to treating her that way. People might say we had a romantic relationship because of the closeness we had and because not everyone dares to wait long hours of class, long hours of starving because we can’t eat when one isn’t there yet, not everyone deprives thyself from not seeing a movie when one hasn’t seen it yet and not everyone gives up everything when it comes to blow. We take good care of ourselves like sisters or more than that. We know when someone’s hurt, needs help and needs silence for a little while. Needless to ask help, hug, kiss, cheers and just stay in each other’s side for it is the heart and being that dictates so.

We really are inseparable.

If and only if it is virtuous to marry her, I will. I could have long time ago.
I think I am deeply in love with her. I love you bestfriend Sis, my little angel. ♥

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Basics of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines.

4 Steps to Better Rankings

Step 1. Choosing The Right Keywords

We need to be more specific, which means:
Targeting a more suitable market that is looking for a content editing solution
Competing with fewer websites targeting the same keywords
Optimizing for keywords that people actually use when performing searche

Step 2. Your URL and Title Tag

Two of the most determining factors in Google’s ranking are your domain name and title tag. Your title tag is equally as important as your domain name. Using keywords in your title tag can improve your Google ranking significantly.

Step 3. H1 Tags and Keyword Density

The Google ranking algorithm dictates that if you’re using a tag, then the text in between this tag must be more important than the content on the rest of the page. By default, H1 tags aren’t the prettiest in terms of formatting, so using a CSS style to override the default look is usually a good idea.

Step 4. Links, Links and More Links

And this leads us to the toughest part of the Google SEO process — back-links. Back links are websites that link directly to your website. The general principal is the more back links you have, the higher your pages will be ranked, as your website must be good if so many other sites are linking back to it.


"Google can be one tough search engine to crack."

Sample Company Policy

Hours of Operation/Work Schedules

The office is normally open from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Central time. Certain employees may be assigned to different work schedules and/or shifts outside of normal office hours. If an employee must be outside of the office for non-business related reasons during their normal work schedule, they should inform their manager.


The Company is committed to creating a work environment where the needs of our customers, employees, and the Company are balanced. Therefore, the Company tries to be flexible in its approach to work styles and location. Telecommuting arrangements may be made on an “as needed basis” or set up on a regular schedule. In either case, employees are encouraged to spend time working in the office whenever possible. This allows employees to be accessible to customers and creates a sense of consistency and collaboration among work teams. When employees desire to work at home, the Company asks that they do so in a manner which is in keeping with a workstyle of accessibility, communication, and productivity. All telecommuting arrangements are subject to approval by the employee’s manager. In general, the following principles should be used in telecommuting:

  • Employees should make arrangements with their manager at least one week in advance of telecommuting.
  • Employees should check in with the office regularly.
  • Employees should inform their manager of their whereabouts so they may be reached easily.
  • Working at home means working, not taking time off.
  • Employees should not routinely work at home on days prior to or following vacations or holidays if at all avoidable.
  • Under regular circumstances, telecommuting should not comprise more than one day in a given week, or more than 3 days a month.

Dress Code Policy

The Company maintains a business casual working environment. All employees should use discretion in wearing attire that is appropriate for the office and customer interaction.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is essential to the Company’s efficient operation and is a necessary condition of employment. When employees are absent, schedules and customer commitments fall behind, and other employees must assume added workloads.

Employees are expected to report to work as scheduled and on time. If it is impossible to report for work as scheduled, employees must call their manager before their starting time. If your manager is unavailable, a voice message should be left. If the absence is to continue beyond the first day, the employee must notify their manager on a daily basis unless otherwise arranged. Calling in is the responsibility of every employee who is absent. Absence for three consecutive work days without notifying the manager is considered a voluntary termination.

Leave of Absence

Employees are eligible to apply for an unpaid leave of absence if they have been a regular employee of the Company for at least one year and scheduled to work 20 hours or more a week. The employee’s manager will make a decision on the leave request. The request for leave will be reviewed based on the reason for the request, previous attendance record, previous leave requests and the impact the absence will have on the Company.

Authorized leaves for illness or disability begin after employees have exhausted accrued sick leave, vacation and personal holiday time. A personal leave of absence, if granted, begins after vacation and personal holiday time have been used.

Human Resources can provide employees with which benefits, in addition to retained seniority, can be continued during the leave. If an employee wishes to continue benefits, it must arranged for directly with Human Resources.

If the request for leave of absence for personal reasons, the employee’s manager, with the advice of Human Resources, will decide whether the current position will be held open, or if a position will be made available upon the employees return from leave.


Non-exempt employees are eligible to receive overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in a given week. Holiday, vacation, and sick time are not included in hours used to determine overtime eligibility. Overtime pay equals 1.5 times and employee’s regular hourly rate. All overtime must be approved the manager in advance.


All full-time employees are eligible for vacation pay.

New full-time employees will receive a pro-rata number of vacation days based on one day for each month worked in the hired calendar year, not to exceed 10 days.

In the first full calendar year and through the calendar year in which the employee’s 3 year anniversary of employment occurs, employees will receive 10 vacation days each year.

In the calendar year of the employee’s 4 year anniversary of employment, employees will receive 15 vacation days each year.

In the calendar year of the employee’s 10 year anniversary of employment, employees will receive 20 vacation days each year.

Up to 5 unused vacation days may be carried over into the next year. All other unused vacation time will be paid out in the final paycheck for that year.

Employees should notify their manager at least one month in advance of taking vacation time. All vacation requests are subject to manager approval. In addition, employees should directly communicate vacation dates to co-workers to ensure customer needs are met.

Part-time employees who work on a regular schedule all year are eligible for vacation benefits on a pro-rata basis based on the schedule above.


Employees who voluntarily resign from the Company are asked to provide at least two week advance notice of their resignation. This notice should be in writing and should briefly state the reason for leaving and the anticipated last day of work.

If a terminating employee is eligible for any incentive compensation, bonus, and/or awards, they must be actively employed on the date the compensation, bonus or awards are presented or paid, in order to receive the compensation, bonus or award.

*just a sample company policy; if in case you want to build a company J


when boredom strikes

This is when I have nothing to do. When tasks are "finished" and when I am sick of laying on bed almost 12 hours. I guess I deserve a break. We all deserve a break, especially after all that we've been through.

Weeks ago's a mess. It didn't only took our jobs but also our being, our friends, relationships built among new friends and a sense of security as well. The road to success is very vague now as we are to restart plans and prepare for the rainy season and worse calamities. Well, I know everything happens for a reason. Whatever the reason may be, I know it is for the betterment of everyone concern.

People may change, relationships may undergo course of action, plans may need to be reconstructed but one thing's certain we'll all be thankful this has happened and if one day we'll all get there heading towards our dreams; we'll all look back with big grin on our faces.

Kudos! to all those who have shared their lives and brought me into their lives.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

i miss you sis

I miss you so much.

I thank God I have known you,
I thank Him for giving me the courage to get to know you better.
He knows that I do not go after a thing if that doesn't seem to be mine.

Everything I have known about the real meaning of "friendship" is through you.
I really, really miss you.
I wouldn't be here if you weren't there.
Thank you for everything.

I know you love me pud...kaau. I super love you sis..

Friday, June 3, 2011

Have you ever been hurt?

Have you forgiven the ones who have hurt you? How do you handle yourself when you're hurt?

It is undeniable that the ones who can hurt us the most are those that are closest to us. The most amicable defense from getting hurt is not giving them the opportunity -  limiting what they know about us and how much time you spend with them. I pray that I won't allow hurt to make me astounding of being in a state of vulnerability before God.

I am challenged to not let feelings of hurt change me. I have to decide whether or not I will stay the same. The decision is mine. It is okay for me to be hurt rather than store that hurt up inside and let it turn into bitterness. I can take that hurt to God.

Nobody wanted to get hurt but being hurt is inevitable. So we just have to deal with it and learn to keep things stable as they are. Don't let hurt rule over your life! It can never be a good source. Let go of the feeling and remember that you aren't just the one who's hurting - everybody does.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missing You

It's been two years since I left you. I abdicate to chase what I think I really want. It ain't easy starting a whole new chapter but thinking you'd be with me washes my affliction.

I miss you so much.
I miss the old times.
I miss those times you never felt anxious about the future

                those times you never ask for something in return

                you love with all your heart and you give all you could give

                you were never hesitant and you never gave a damn

                you take time to learn all by yourself

                you don't mind non-sense stuffs

                you appreciate every little thing you do

                you always find time to bond with your siblings

                you always make friends at ease with the way you console them

                how you touch the lives of others

                how you direct people to the right path

                how you impart your ways and yourself

                how you leave a mark to each and every one you've met.

Oh! How I miss Josie Flor. I wish she'd be back as soon as possible! I love you

Monday, May 16, 2011

Midway Get Away


My 2nd Team Building with LMG at Midway White Beach Resort - May 14 it is. Oh! yeah.. ,^^
It ain't my first time exhausting in a white beach. I supah enjoyed the banana boat-ride, kayak and the vest. lol

These are some of the pictures taken last Saturday.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Lightning

I want to share a new chapter of my life - a dream, a frustration and obsession.

I would like to share a book -  a novel by Danielle Steel. She's an an American romantic novelist and author of mainstream dramas and is the eighth best-selling writer of all time. I came across to reading novels when a friend introduced me to one of her passions - reading books. At first, I was jaded and unsure if I can extend patience in reading those thick books. But because our English teacher asked us to review a novel for the Finals during college, I was then pushed to grab a copy and without hesitation I hurriedly asked her to take me to their house.  When I saw it, I was stroke by the title itself and hurriedly reap it. Haha! This was the first novel I read that touched me. It was so realistic that I could clearly visualize what's happening and could figure out everything that was tackled. I so love it! ♥
From then on, I started to read her books and became a fan of her. I want to be as great as her. There's always a reason behind every little thing.  This somehow opened a "New Chapter" of me.
So much for this. I secured a summary of this novel.

In Lightning, bestselling novelist Danielle Steel tells the story of a woman whose life is changed by one swift, unexpected stroke of fate.

As a partner in one of New York's most prestigious law firms, Alexandra Parker barely manage to juggle husband, career, and the three-year-old child she gave birth to at forty. Then lightning strikes - a routine medical check-up turns her world upside down when tests reveal shattering news. Her husband Sam, a Wall Street whiz-kid, is as proud of his long-time marriage to Alex as he is of his successful career - until he is caught off guard by Alex's illness. Terrified of losing his wife and family, Sam fails to provide any kind of emotional support for Alex or his daughter.

Almost overnight, Sam takes his distance from Alex, and they become strangers. As lightning strikes them again, Sam's promising career suddenly explodes into disaster, and his very life and identity are challenged. With his future hanging in the balance, Alex must decide what she feels for Sam, if life will ever be the same for them again, or if she must move on without him.

Lightning tells the story of a family thrust into uncertainty. In this significant novel Danielle Steel explores whether the bonds of love and marriage can withstand life's most unexpected bolts of lightning.

What happens to people when every aspect of their lives and well-being is threatened? I probably break down and cry. Isolate myself and try to go out with the crowd. I won't even care, they don't know me anyway. This is if God is not with me. Fortunately, I know I have Him beside me always and forever. Nothing beats your power and your strength if there abides Faith and Prayers.

Source: The Lightning

Friday, February 18, 2011


February 12, 2011.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be My Maneuver

I wanted to write something that's not absurd, something that everybody will be pleased of, something that will change a bit of everything and yet I can't even fabricate a single thought.
I know this is one the things I am keen of but things don't seem to work out right.

I have been struggling for almost 7 months.
I have doubts and fears.
I tried to escape from the intiricacy life brings and will bring.
I was so wuss to take adversities in life. I pity myself!
I can't believe it will take too long to accept the fact.
I know, i know...I have gone astray .
But it isn't too late, is it? 
I'm learning now and I will continue learning.
Slowly by slowly.
It takes time.
I am trying hard to obey You and keep track according to Your will.
I am hoping and praying I will continue this journey with You by my side.
So please help me, touch my delicate little heart and kindle it with Your love.
Be the Maneuver of my life.