Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Best Kind of Relationship

A friend's love is a kind of love that should not be take for granted. It is heartily-given- it is not asked. It pays attention to every detail. It is patient, never haste. It says nothing, it never questions when you're in silence. It doesn't only see the best in you but also the worst of you and yet accepts you. It doesn't expect something in return. It listens when you want to scream your heart out. And never doubts.
We may sometimes feel betrayed, persecuted and suppressed which we believe isn't normal and shouldn't happen in all means. But you can't stop it from happening especially when God wants to teach a lesson. We may not understand immediately the purpose of it, still we have to trust Him- He knows best. Though it's very hard to accept, we have nothing else to do but trust- trust, trust, trust. I am very used to this, believing that everything happens for a reason. Yeah! I just love to...I love to see the brighter side in every trial, in every test, in every obstacle(whatever you call it). I just don't want to dwell in that fuckin' situation! It sucks.. Grrr. Hm...I thank God for giving me the kind of friends I need- the kind of friends who won't mind being with me and who would always stay beside hoping to get the best of me.

 Thank you for all the love, support, care and concern I gained from each one of you.

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  1. Frumossssssss si totul se bazeaza pe incredera ))


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