Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting ready is the secret of success

Success is just a word, as they say. It can't be totally considered as success if there's no action. Success is defined as a degree or measure of succeeding(favorable or desired outcome). 

Here are some guidelines in preparing for the big leap:

  1. Know yourself - He who knows others is learned; He who knows himself is wise.
  2. Have the right exposure - The great ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions.
  3. Expand your social life - Business is by people and for people.
  4. Develop good and useful habits 
    • Being Prompt
    • Finishing a task and not putting it for tomorrow what you can do now
    • Keeping promises
    • Saving excess money in the bank
    • Planning your activities
    5.  Practice
    6.  Undergo a Training Program

These are not just for those who are aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs, but also to those who want to improve their way or attitude towards others. Success can't just be measured by the achievements you have - a bunch of friends, awards, wealth and power. Success is success when you, yourself feels true sense of fulfillment even without those recognition, wealth, power and those fading stuffs. It is when everything seems to be shaky and yet you are still standing firm.
Learn to appreciate what you got and develop what you have! And earn from it.

If one does not or can not apply what they have learned, they have learned nothing. -Ryan Allis

*hehe. naa pud di ko natun-an gamay samu Entrep101..tsk,tsk

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only For You

I just like the melody of this song..

I have been waiting all my life
For someone like you
You, you make me feel like I knew
All because of you

Gotta make this right now.
I come and get into your life now.
I can be all you want me to be
When everything's falling, I'll still be here
If your feeling is fading, I'll still be waiting for you
Only For You.

Now, now is the right time to say
The things left unsaid
We, we can make this work for love
All because of love

I gotta make this right now.
I come and get into your life now.

Yeah!  Only For You..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

MSU-IIT - My Alma Mater

Mindanao State UniversityIligan Institute of Technology(MSU-IIT) is an autonomous external campus of Mindanao State University System. Located in Iligan City, Philippines, it was chartered on July 12, 1968.

The seal represents the role of MSU-IIT in technological advancement. The solid circle represents the nucleus of scientific and technical knowledge upon which technology depends. The three graduated lines signify the increasing challenges and responsibilities a student in technology faces from year to year. The need for expansion, advancement and excellence in technology is projected by the lines directed outward of the triangle, the symbol of stability. Red signifies the determination of MSU-IIT in pursuing her programs while yellow radiates a bright future ahead.

History of MSU-IIT
The history of the Institute goes back to 1946 with the establishment of the Iligan High School (IHS). In 1956, the IHS was converted into the Lanao Technical School (LTS) under the Bureau of Vocational Education. In 1965, RA 4626 converted LTS into the Northern Mindanao Institute of Technology (NMIT). However, this law was not implemented. On July 12, 1968, RA No. 5363 integrated Lanao Technical School into the MSU System. During the 62nd meeting of the MSU Board of Regents on March 12, 1975, the first comprehensive reorganization plan for the Institute was approved under BOR Resolution No. 894, s. 1975. This plan made the Institute the first autonomous campus of the MSU System.

In the years that followed, MSU-IIT continually expanded and developed its academic programs. While doing so, it also enhanced research, infrastructure and cultural activities.

The Entrance Gate

In front of Main Library

Come and visit MSU-IIT...

Wind Beneath My Wings

To you Mygie..

Mygie..Sorry for all those tomes I failed you. For all those pains I caused you, for all the things I could have done but I didn't do, for all the shortcomings and for all those times I made you cry...I'm sorry...

My, sorry I never told you everything I wanted to say because I assumed you'd always be there. I never had imagined I'd be living without your smile. Yeah!I assumed you'd always be there but I always cared and I missed those times we shared.

I always remember the smile you put on your face despite the struggles you've been going through. I can't forget the comfort - how you made me feel everytime I'm in doubt. I am who I am because of you. Much of the credit is from with you. Your love is unconditional. Your presence is exceptional.

I am blessed to have you as my mother in my life. In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky. In my heart there will always be a place for you for all my life. I'll always keep a part of you with me. And everywhere I am there you will always be, for always.

How I wish you'd see me where I am right now. Wish I could see you smiling back at me, and say "I'm proud of you". For all I have done before, it's because of you. Everything I did was in exchange of your undying love though you never asked for it. How I wish I can still see, smell, feel and touch you near me.

You showed me how it feels to feel the sky just within my reach. You never stop believing I could do it! The strength you gave to me helped me make it through. I owe so much to you, you were right there for me..

Although the sun would never shine, I'll always look to a brighter day. Lord, I know you'll listen as I pray. Thanks for giving my Mygie as my mother - our mother.

Thanks Mygie for everything. You'll always be remembered. We love you!


There will be No Another You

Imagining what life could bring scares me. First, I'm afraid of changes. Changes that might not be acceptable. Oh, so negative of me. Really, I'm afraid of changes because once I tend to hold on to something that might be forever. And forever to me means no ending - that every second, every step of the way I'll be there. Sounds impossible?Oh! I mean it. When I say, I'd be there..I'd be there no matter what. Many might not truly believe and might  say it's not me but hey!It's me, it's just you don't know me yet. Second, I'm afraid of losing someone really special. It sucks! It feels like I'm stuck without you. I hate this feeling. I don't even wanna think about this. But little by little I'm learning to accept things. Sometimes it makes me wonder, I shouldn't be dealing with someone if it ain't gonna work out. There may be things that we couldn't figure out why it's happening and what's the purpose behind it, but I'm sure these things will bring out the best in you. I really don't believe in destiny. It's us who make our lives go like this and that.

Did you ever ask what could have been if this and that happened? Whew! I remember 4 years ago, I was this strong-willed, wild, carefree and ambiguous. Until I met someone who changed my life - my perspectives(the way I look  life), my attitude and simply myself. You made me realize how beautiful life is with all those people you value, that I shouldn't take them for granted when new one comes along. And that every little thing is a treasure, that I wouldn't be complete without those little stuffs. You made me realize that life goes on and is a wonderful journey to go through. I never thought of these before, though I know how to value - it's just I don't want to go out of the shell. I just want to live in my comfort zone. And what's wrong?It makes me feel secured and yet makes me weak. I always thought I'm strong, strong as the wind! But hey!Thanks to you..

I really can't do this without you. I hope we'll always be together no matter what. You're the most important thing in my life. I wish to stay with you forever 'cause there will be no another you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iligan - My Place, My Home

Iligan City is used to be "The Industrial City of the South". Because of consecutive industrial plant shutdowns, it is no longer considered as the Industrial City yet it still has its label - "The City of Majestic Waterfalls". It best describes the wonderful and breathtaking picture of one of the best gifts from God, nature - the waterfalls.  Maria Cristina Falls is a waterfall in Mindanao island and a landmark of my hometown.
It is located 8.5 kilometers away southwestof the city proper. Well-known for its natural beauty and grandeur, the 320-feet high waterfalls is also the primary source of power for the city's industries and the whole Mindanao region.

Iligan doesn't only showcase waterfalls but also various springs and pools. Take a look at some pools to visit in Iligan City.

El Lauriento Swimming Pool

Spring Pool

Mimars Swimming Pool

Come and Visit Iligan! Have an unforgettable experience so you won't be missing half of your llife!
Laag n dayon sa Iligan!as in now na.. (,^^)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Down, One More to Go

Thinking back then, during those times of bliss, struggles and victory would best describe this phrase. Many might not understand but surely this is the moment I've been waiting for. One more step to the road of success. A much awaited event of every student, an end of school sacrifices and yet a new phase of entering the reality world. It is a moment to thank parents for all the hardships done, financially and morally. The most rewarding gift to offer to parents. A sense of gratitude for a job well done, for making their children the most they could ever be.

To all Graduates of Batch 2010... Kudos!! Aim high. Soar higher!