Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is this really is it?

I always wanna feel I know I have direction in life. I always wanna discover things that will help me in the future. I always wanna go somewhere else just to find comfort and peace. I always wanna go with somebody who knows me – not a single word needs to be spoken to know I’m in vain, just one look then everything’s truly understood and questions not to be able to fix things.
57 months ago, I found this thing in my life–   the best thing ever happened. I have prayed for this thing to happen and I’m so blessed God gave me this thing. I believe in His plans, I always do. I believe He gave me this thing because He knew I just needed this thing in my life. Everything I have wished for is packed in this single thing. I never thought time will come God will take this thing from me, never. The thing I am talking about is my life–  my bestfriend, my everything. I never imagined Imma live without this.  Now, things don’t seem to go my way and it’s falling apart. It's now taking lead to where we will be, hope not forever. I don't want to live without my bestfriend. Grrrr. I hate this!!(dili jud nako madawat mawala lang ni)
As I go along this journey, another track has unwrapped. It may not be as impeccable as most people crave for but I know it will get me somewhere I have never been. Whatever it may take, I’m willing to take the risk because I still believe this is part of God’s plans.   This doesn’t mean I’m taking away what I have years ago, this is just a challenge I know. Whew!  
I just have to believe.


  1. don't go with the flow.. say what you want..
    interact with God!

    life is too short to be wasted..

  2. I believe in you cflur... by the power of Divine Guidance, you'll be choosing the best way..

    It will be tough, you need to sacrifice a thing.

    Goodluck and weigh things carefully.


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