Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Night to Remember

When you are wide awake while half of the world is sleeping, what do you usually do? What probably comes to your mind during this time? Would you want to take some sleeping pills to drive you to bed? Would you want bottomless milk to make you sleepy? Or would you want a beer session and get yourself drunk till you fell asleep? Or simply reminisce good memories you have shared with your special someone to make you feel alright then sleep and hope that tomorrow might be another special day to spend with? Or just count the sheep as you lay yourself to bed? 

Whatever plans you have, you will always end up wondering why the hell you’re awake. Just recently, I experienced this fuckin’ thingy. I am not used to stay longer awake in bed while everyone is asleep. I don’t know what was that something that fed me to sustain that long hours of sleepless night. It was freaking bad! All I did was just watch over as my beautiful thing is resting. Watta! It was my first time. Whatever the purpose of that kinda sleepless night, I’m just so glad I experienced it.

Do you wanna know with what happened just awhile ago before I went to this thingy? Well, it’s for me to know and for you to find out! Haha 

It was really a night to remember. Yay!

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