Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celebrating a Year in CDO with Stickers

It's been a year. I can't believe it's more than a year since I first stepped in CDO for a job. I know it ain't easy looking for a job but I was too enthusiastic to look for one. I didn't mind all the people who criticized me for leaving my siblings at home. I left my 3 siblings at home without having somebody to look after them. It was painful and yet I have to continue my journey, as they say.

Here, I learned to hobnob with other people which I was not used to. I was like a leech, I stayed with my bestfriend, we have shared every piece she got and all I have is myself to stay beside her every step of the way. It was a roller-coaster ride but still we managed to hold on.

Aside from my boardmates turned friends, I also have mere officemates turned “close friends”. They are fantastic - all came from prestigious schools, brilliant and exceptional. Despite the differences, we still blend. Thanks to them especially to those who see to it everyone is present in every occasion, makes the bond tighter and tighter. Haha

I just want to share some pics of my Stickers.. ,^^

A Pre-Anniversary @ Sticky 081410

Don Pedro - Opol

Luscious Food.. Yummy!!

Lovelyn, Ahmela, Mimai, LJ, Chacha, Jini

ahmz, lj, mimai
ahmz & cha

mga adik :P
adik pud sila tanan. haha

LJ's post-birthday celebration(Willsbar) 082810
ahmz & scar

Ahmela's birthday. 072410

ang bear ni ahmela mas dako pa sa iya. hahaha


 Hope to spend more fun-filled moments with y'all!
Thanks a lot... ,^^


  1. u're never a leech..

    hope u knw that.

  2. Good job mamahhh...

    I just don't like the last pic...ehemm

    Thanks for being part of my wildlife..and forestry lol

    I am your friend-officemate-turn-to-bmate

    More POWER to you! ( Tayong mga kasapi ng POWER...hahaha naa xa bhauz kartolina ba...)

    Seriuosly, hope to celebrate more years with yuoo..

  3. unsa nang leech?ahehehe..joke..meow..

  4. mimai ang leech ay sep-sep kase sumesep-sep ng dugo..aws.haha!!joke lang. Thanks flor,hmmuaaah!

  5. @chacha: ahehe. waaaah! welcome cha...aw haha. taka2 ra ug reply
    nwei...thanks pud for being my friend.. :D

  6. shoang man mo mang reply oi! hahhaha...lingaw kau mo!

    Well,Thanks for being my friends guys..

    So glad having friends worth cherishing.

    Thanks pud, iring... gi-apil unta to nimo imo 1ST bday celebration(blowing candle with ****)


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