Friday, August 6, 2010

Which is Which?

Which is which? I find it difficult to choose what I really want. There are a lot of things I consider; the situation, the people around me, the future and everything. Why am I like this?? I can't afford to be happy all the time. But as they say, nothing's wrong with being happy as long as nobody's hurt. How I wish I can do happy always, thinking nothing..only my happiness!


  1. which is which? which is not?hehe ok rana flor.. just google it..:D..bwahahaha

  2. saba jah... haha.
    lagi nah.. ok ra jud..:D

  3. because life is a taste of everything,, just keep your tongue hang on your chin...and chin up.. then look up yourself at the mirror.. what do you see? Oh see? you laugh! That is life a little bit of joke(s) and weirdness. Whatever happens whenever you ask "which is which?" Always choose happiness and find ways to be happy...

  4. Nice Bern..! Find ways to be happy..... Don't let sadness covers up your joy.
    Smile though your smile is breaking....!! :D

  5. " dont let sadness COVER up your joy. "


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