Friday, June 3, 2011

Have you ever been hurt?

Have you forgiven the ones who have hurt you? How do you handle yourself when you're hurt?

It is undeniable that the ones who can hurt us the most are those that are closest to us. The most amicable defense from getting hurt is not giving them the opportunity -  limiting what they know about us and how much time you spend with them. I pray that I won't allow hurt to make me astounding of being in a state of vulnerability before God.

I am challenged to not let feelings of hurt change me. I have to decide whether or not I will stay the same. The decision is mine. It is okay for me to be hurt rather than store that hurt up inside and let it turn into bitterness. I can take that hurt to God.

Nobody wanted to get hurt but being hurt is inevitable. So we just have to deal with it and learn to keep things stable as they are. Don't let hurt rule over your life! It can never be a good source. Let go of the feeling and remember that you aren't just the one who's hurting - everybody does.


  1. The important thing is that you will learn to let go of that hurt. It is always our choice to be miserable or be happy.

  2. confront. tell the truth. let it go.

  3. @cha: wheeeeeeh!thanks cha..haay. bitter lang guro keu ba?
    tama.."It is always our choice to be miserable or be happy. "
    thanks Cha.. :)
    wafa jud ui... ,^^

    @ano: hehe. watta! aw yeah..whew. let it go..

  4. Hurting one's beloved is frequent. Since the beloved is a major source of happiness, this person is also a major threat to our happiness: more than anyone else, the beloved can ruin it.
    Adapted from The Subtlety of Emotions

  5. You may want to forgive the one who hurt because that is what the Bible teaches. This is when everyone says get over it. Forgetting is not that simple. Loving someone and allowing them to continue to hurt you seems to be the theme of many young people. To be Happy, is a choice but getting to the point to choose is sometimes long and hard.

  6. Whenever your hurt just involve yourself in something.. do the things which u love...don't bring the thought in mind that its not possible...
    Somethings are impossible n makin them possible is what life about..being happy even after your hurt is the ideal revenge..for whatever go live what you love..n time will heal it


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