Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Lightning

I want to share a new chapter of my life - a dream, a frustration and obsession.

I would like to share a book -  a novel by Danielle Steel. She's an an American romantic novelist and author of mainstream dramas and is the eighth best-selling writer of all time. I came across to reading novels when a friend introduced me to one of her passions - reading books. At first, I was jaded and unsure if I can extend patience in reading those thick books. But because our English teacher asked us to review a novel for the Finals during college, I was then pushed to grab a copy and without hesitation I hurriedly asked her to take me to their house.  When I saw it, I was stroke by the title itself and hurriedly reap it. Haha! This was the first novel I read that touched me. It was so realistic that I could clearly visualize what's happening and could figure out everything that was tackled. I so love it! ♥
From then on, I started to read her books and became a fan of her. I want to be as great as her. There's always a reason behind every little thing.  This somehow opened a "New Chapter" of me.
So much for this. I secured a summary of this novel.

In Lightning, bestselling novelist Danielle Steel tells the story of a woman whose life is changed by one swift, unexpected stroke of fate.

As a partner in one of New York's most prestigious law firms, Alexandra Parker barely manage to juggle husband, career, and the three-year-old child she gave birth to at forty. Then lightning strikes - a routine medical check-up turns her world upside down when tests reveal shattering news. Her husband Sam, a Wall Street whiz-kid, is as proud of his long-time marriage to Alex as he is of his successful career - until he is caught off guard by Alex's illness. Terrified of losing his wife and family, Sam fails to provide any kind of emotional support for Alex or his daughter.

Almost overnight, Sam takes his distance from Alex, and they become strangers. As lightning strikes them again, Sam's promising career suddenly explodes into disaster, and his very life and identity are challenged. With his future hanging in the balance, Alex must decide what she feels for Sam, if life will ever be the same for them again, or if she must move on without him.

Lightning tells the story of a family thrust into uncertainty. In this significant novel Danielle Steel explores whether the bonds of love and marriage can withstand life's most unexpected bolts of lightning.

What happens to people when every aspect of their lives and well-being is threatened? I probably break down and cry. Isolate myself and try to go out with the crowd. I won't even care, they don't know me anyway. This is if God is not with me. Fortunately, I know I have Him beside me always and forever. Nothing beats your power and your strength if there abides Faith and Prayers.

Source: The Lightning