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Iligan City is bounded on the north by the 3 municipalities of Misamis Oriental (namely Lugait, Manticao and Opol), to the south by the 3 municipalities of Lanao del Norte (Baloi, Linamon and Tagoloan) and the 2 municipalities of Lanao del Sur (Kapai and Tagoloan II), to the northeast by Cagayan de Oro City, to the east by the municipality of Talakag, Bukidnon; and to the west by Iligan Bay. This is also the 2nd largest city in Northern Mindanao next to Malaybalay City, capital of Bukidnon Province.
Known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls, there are around 23 waterfalls in and around Iligan. Among them is the Maria Cristina Falls, home of Mindanao's primary hydroelectric power station, and Limunsudan Falls.

Iligan is also the Industrial Center of the South. It produces hydroelectric power for the Mindanao region through the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR), the site of the Mindanao Regional Center (MRC) housing Agus IV, VI and VII hydroelectric plants. It also houses industries like steel, tinplate, cement and flourmills. The National Steel Corporation, one of the largest steel manufacturers in the Southeast Asian region, now Global Steelworks International Incorporated was re-opened in 2003 after heavy setbacks resulting to its closure in 1999. Iligan along with its neighboring city, Cagayan de Oro City, are the two major components for the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Corridor, the fastest developing area in Northern Mindanao.
To the west, Iligan Bay provides ferry and container ship transportation. East of the city, flat cultivated coastal land gives way to steep volcanic hills and mountains providing the waterfalls and cold springs for which the area is well known.

Iligan is nestled in the midst of luxuriant natural beauty of Northern Mindanao. It is a city truly blessed and nurtured by Mother Nature. It is protected from typhoons by natural barriers; its terrain is hugged by a long stretch of shoreline along the Iligan Bay.

Its mountains and lush forests hide numerous waterfalls in its embrace, earning for itself the title “City of Waterfalls.” The most famous and awesome of these is the Maria Cristina Falls along the Agus River. Agus and Maria Cristina are sources of hydro electric power for most of Mindanao’s requirements. Spring like Timoga and Taytay are sources of cool and pristine water for swimming resorts that provide relief from summer heat. The coastline as well offers beaches and picnic grounds.

The Iligan Diyandi Festival is the official title for the city's month long cultural celebration. It concludes with the feast day of Saint Michael the Archangel on  September 29. The festival was established to promote Iligan's cultural identity. 

With all the natural wonders and blessing bestowed upon the city, the most prized asset of Iligan is still the warm and vibrant hospitality of its people. Both natives and people of different ethnicity all come together to make Iligan their home.


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