Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pista sa Iligan 2012

September is a much-awaited month for us, Iliganons. Yes! We do celebrate the festival for a month. From September 1 to September 30 each day has its share of making Iliganons and tourists feel welcome and experience the beauty and bounty the city can offer.

I guess this month-long celebration started during Mayor Lawrence Ll. Cruz term. And I was so overwhelmed with the fiesta activities that laid ahead. Clearly it amuses each and every one in the city. Many would come and drop by the city to witness various activities.

To tell you honestly, though I am a pure Iliganon I have never really witnessed Kasadya Streetdancing Competition every 27th of September. Oh! Poor me. It is because I have to stay at home and help my family prepare for our barangay's fiesta. Yes, every September 27 Scions Subd. homeowners prepare and invite you to join as we celebrate Sr. San Miguel's feast. This is probably people won't be caught in the middle as to celebrate fiesta in Scions or at the city proper (most people who celebrate the City Fiesta are those living in the city proper).

Here are some of the food we prepared during the Sept27-fiesta. yummy! =p~

Oh well! So much for this topic. It was a blast, really. Relatives both from my parents' side came over. It's been ages! Lol. Not to mention we all live in just one city, a small city. Life gets busy. 
I can say, we had our share of giving back glory to God and San Miguel for the blessings for the past years and especially this year. We had so much to thank for. Thank you, Lord!

Let's go back to the main event, Diyandi Festival. "The word Diyandi is not new to folks in Iligan. It was used to refer to the celebration of the patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel. Diyandi simply means celebrate.Mag-diyandi means, to celebrate. Thus, the word Diyandi gives the perfect trademark to Iligan's extended celebration of traditions and culture. And, the Diyandi Festival was born!"

It is my first time this year since the last time I joined the procession. That was years ago then. I remember my father would carry me on his shoulders with my mom and my younger brother as we joined the crowd during the procession which happens every afternoon of September 29. But this time, the church decided to do it every after the first morning mass, 7am. This is also for the people's safety because pretty sure many will get drunk and would rage which will defeat the purpose of a peaceful procession.

It was goosebumps. After seeing the patron saint was being held outside. It was an extraordinary feeling for me, as a believer. Tears came running and I could not fight my tears from falling. It was the same when Sr. San Miguel was held down or commonly known as "Pagkanaog Ni San Miguel" which happens every September 20, 9 days before the City Fiesta and an indication of Novena for San Miguel which happened to be my mother's death anniversary also.

Facade of Iligan Cathedral

Now, it gives me a strong conviction I have to attend Pagkanaog ni San Miguel every year as I also pray for my mother's peaceful and eternal life as she lives in heaven now with San Miguel together with all the saints and angels in heaven. I will definitely do this for as long as I am here in Iligan.

Really, this is one amazing experience you should also experience.
Come and visit Iligan!

Feel the warmth of the Iliganons, see it in your eyes the majestic Ma. Cristina Falls, green scenery that devours you upon entering the vicinity of Tinago Falls and other brilliant and amazing stories only in Iligan and taste the mouth-watering dishes we offer. They say Iligan's lechon is among the best lechon in the country. Feel free to visit Iligan, not just on City Fiesta. Everyday we welcome you!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Yeah! Am finally back. It's been a long time since the last time I dropped and took couple of hours drafting and sewing thoughts and ideas. This has been my hobby for the last few months. It is only during my free time after finishing my daily tasks that I got the chance to like "couch potato" in here. 

Oh! well, so much for this stuff. Uhm.. I miss to write a lot of events and forgot to add them on my timeline. I wanna write all those stuff and publish them but pretty sure this would take me time to ravel my tons of ideas.

So for now, please welcome me! Haha
Be posting more soon. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exploring Guimaras

February 18, 2012. Finally, all is set. It's the first day of our 3-day trip in the 3 provinces of Panay Island. First off is this mishap thing in getting to Guimaras. Oh! Not really an unlucky incident, we somehow enjoyed and took that experience as a blessing in disguise as we were able to take the 2 access in getting Guimaras. We intruded the entrance of Guimaras through Buenavista Wharf which is the other way and isn't where the tour guide waited and expected to welcome all of us. If you are bound for Jordan Wharf in Guimaras, you have to take the mini-boat ride in Ortiz Port, Iloilo. Otherwise, you have to go to CPU Jaro Port that will bring you to the Buenavista Wharf.