Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lead Me Lord

Lead me Lord, lead me by the hand
And make me face the rising sun
Comfort me through all the pain
That life may bring
There's no other hope
That I can lean upon
Lead me Lord Lead me all my life
Walk by me, walk by me across
The lonely road that I may face
Take my arms and let your hadn
Show me the way
Show the way to live inside your heart
All my days, all my life 

I'm in great despair right now. People might see that everything's fine with me, I have the perfect family and friends, I have every little thing one wants, I have all the love in the world and that I don't have the share of sadness in this world but hey!Look closer....I'm lost, totally lost. I don't even know who I am, I can't even make up my mind. Thoughts keep creeping in my head. It's killing me. There's only one thing I need..Pray.
I badly need you Lord.. Please give me a sign. Please tell me what to do according to your will. Please help me do the right thing, I may not benefit it but still I'll accept it...for Your sake. Please Lord.


  1. "if they truly LOve u they will understand you"....

  2. there is lacking.. you haven't mentioned the cause of feeling such despair, but whatever it is, I respect you with that coz maybe its a between-you-and-God thingy..

    Hyperbole? Exaggeration cflur... lost? or just about gettin' lost in the middle of (no, not nowhere) someone-else-where. lol.. heheeheh

    Misleading if you ask for a sign - and if the sign isn't visible hehehe use the universal sign - Jesus is the sign.

    Love npd ni ba.,. iba na jud ang love... fraflo

  3. ah ui..:(
    im lost mnjud...waah!u may not notice it...but haay. i really am.
    pero lahi mna imong psbot sa imong lost..haha. tana ana na lang.. ,^^
    but dili..bsta..haay
    only God knows..


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