Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Post-Triple Birthday Celebration

It was Ahmela's birthday, July 24, 2010. It was not just an ordinary birthday celebration(single celebration), it was a triple birthday celebration of James, Juliette and Ahmela. It was held at the house of our HR Assistant/Friend in Kauswagan, CDO. It was fun-filled celebration- it was not an exclusive party of the batch, there's food here and there and a Videoke session after the food trip. Haha. It was also a night of "confessions" of some unexpected stuffs - funny stuffs. Haha.

*Most of the captions are written by mimai

Kacute sa bear


wafa ang mga bayot

Kabug-at sa bear..nakatulog gud si ahmela


Juicy plur nagpacute

Bug-at daw imung kamot madam..

How sweet..ayaw pailad jan..lake na c Plur

no comment

Mirn, imagine man ka nga naa ka gigunitan na beer  



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