Saturday, August 6, 2011

when boredom strikes

This is when I have nothing to do. When tasks are "finished" and when I am sick of laying on bed almost 12 hours. I guess I deserve a break. We all deserve a break, especially after all that we've been through.

Weeks ago's a mess. It didn't only took our jobs but also our being, our friends, relationships built among new friends and a sense of security as well. The road to success is very vague now as we are to restart plans and prepare for the rainy season and worse calamities. Well, I know everything happens for a reason. Whatever the reason may be, I know it is for the betterment of everyone concern.

People may change, relationships may undergo course of action, plans may need to be reconstructed but one thing's certain we'll all be thankful this has happened and if one day we'll all get there heading towards our dreams; we'll all look back with big grin on our faces.

Kudos! to all those who have shared their lives and brought me into their lives.


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