Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be My Maneuver

I wanted to write something that's not absurd, something that everybody will be pleased of, something that will change a bit of everything and yet I can't even fabricate a single thought.
I know this is one the things I am keen of but things don't seem to work out right.

I have been struggling for almost 7 months.
I have doubts and fears.
I tried to escape from the intiricacy life brings and will bring.
I was so wuss to take adversities in life. I pity myself!
I can't believe it will take too long to accept the fact.
I know, i know...I have gone astray .
But it isn't too late, is it? 
I'm learning now and I will continue learning.
Slowly by slowly.
It takes time.
I am trying hard to obey You and keep track according to Your will.
I am hoping and praying I will continue this journey with You by my side.
So please help me, touch my delicate little heart and kindle it with Your love.
Be the Maneuver of my life.


  1. ----
    So so nice. I know HE listens to us. HE guides us everyday, I'm praying for your peace of mind ^^

  2. wow, nice au flor karelate pd ta.

    be patient with your progress... :D

  3. ming, im so touched..

    everything will be alright, just have faith ^^

  4. @Cha: thanks much cha..i really need it now..wheeeeh

    @Sheen: thanks sheen..yeah. for now am enjoying every phase im into..whew. thank God..feel better everyday.

    @LJ: waah. yeah iknow jing..thanks keu. little by little..


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