Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt it was like you were betrayed?

Yeah! I know I had let you down. I took steps without informing you – that made you feel you were betrayed. I admit that what I did was wrong for not informing you of all the things I’ve been doing. I apologize. Sorry. Whew! Okay, okay. You have all the right to get mad at me.

(Haay. I don’t know what to write yet I’m trying – it’s the only way to alleviate the anxiety inside. )

Yeah! This is me. I tend to put you in the center of my life once I have you that it seems I don't care about the people around me. I have tried to overcome this but unfortunately I keep on coming back to what I am used to.
As I have said million times, 'my instinct never fails'. So, stop pretending as if you need me. And stop denying. Eyes don't lie.


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